colorado springs, colorado... 80920, 80920

when we were little, my mom would always use songs to teach us things that we should remember; for instance, our address. atleast 20 years later, I still rarely say Colorado Springs without then having the song in my head... and I know my siblings are singing it now, you're welcome. 
anyhow, we spent this past weekend in the springs with chris' family, huzzah. it was a gorgeous weekend weather wise, and "pop pop" treated us to the zoo! it was an on a whim decision, and so naturally our stroller and my camera were in the car that we weren't in (monster eye roll to myself for not just gluing them permanently to my body) and so we made do with the rental buggy + my iPhone. STILL talking my ocd and good quality photo obsessed self into accepting that the moment captured is all that matters and not the quality of the camera but pshh, I say save it self. kidding-mostly... I'm glad we got some happy pictures regardless of my cameras absence! 
we had such a fun time, feeding the giraffes sold it for me per usual and I sure hope we make a few more trips to the zoo as the weather warms up. 

family, forever + ever amen.

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