Lucy turns FIVE!

FIVE! We love her so much. She is the sweetest & easiest child when it comes to so much, like food preferences or going with the flow, sleeping, getting ready for the day or making friends. 
She’s a little mama & is probably already capable of babysitting my child or yours, no matter what the age. She often talks to me about her being a mom one day & how she too will have four kids... they’ll live in our basement of course, “but it’ll need a kitchen”
One of my favorite qualities about her is her generous spirit. She’s one of the fewer children in the world who instead of getting something for herself, asks to spend her birthday money from Mimi on her brother & sister so that they could have Harry Potter capes like hers & could all play together. 
She has a big presence, a sweet disposition, enough moxie to handle her business & a tender, kind & loving heart. She’s arms wide open, all the time & her zest for life is admirable. So so thankful she’s our girl! 💛


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