a weekend wedding!

this past weekend we were in georgia for our friends wedding! it was beautiful :) marriage is the greatest blessing in the world & i am so happy for them that they are now sharing that blessing!
 oh and did i mention that we road tripped down there with the romeos? pshyea. it was fun to say the least :) the top bag... their snack bag... the bottom... ours. WHO ARE WE?? buncha granola eaters! glad this being healthier thing has made it a whole month this year though ha!

it's time for a mix tape...

it's time for a mix tape...
...or pandora station if you are living in 2012 where technology rules & music is right at your fingertips! none the less... here's what's on my playlist!

owl city- dental care
never shour never- trouble
death cab for cutie- crooked teeth
owl city- the bird & the worm
the postal service- such great heights
benjamin gibbard- you remind me of home
hellogoodbye- baby, it's fact
ofer- perfectly unperfect
death cab for cutie- monday morning
owl city- sunburn
never shout never- bigcitydreams
sky sailing- brielle

wanna listen?! pandora radio: owl city radio... CAN'T go wrong :)

what in your life is calling you?

What in your life is [[calling]] you?
When all the noise is silenced, the meetingsADJOURNED, the lists (LAiDaside), && the wild iris blooms by itself in the D A R K forest..
what still pulls your soul?
In the silence between your hEaRtBeAt hides a summons.. do you [[hear]] it?

food for thought!
happy weekend!
**photo: my 6th grade locker partner wearing PLove :)
thanks to pinterest/plove/facebook for reconnecting us! sweet soul. read her blog here!

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baked potato soup.

holy potato!
this was DELICIOUS soup!
one of my first 'homemades'  & crock pot uses of 2012.
YOU should check out the recipe HERE and see for yourself! makes a tonnnnn of soup, there's your disclaimer :)
 oh and of course dessert.... blue bell for me & tea for him :)

free yourself.

embrace possibility. acknowledge your talents. create without abandon. wear more dresses.
be fearless.
surprise yourself and do the thing you didn't think you could do. believe in healing. speak of your gratitude.
ask questions. go barefoot. take the journey back to your self.

be yourself.
explore the night sky
be quirky.
dance in your kitchen.
seek joy. share your story. surround yourself with beauty.
unleash your dreams.
remember your 8 year old self.
*photo by teresa lee photography

a fun photo shoot!

while i was home in colorado, i had the privilege of shooting headshots/modeling shots for two sweet & beautiful girls!
we had a fun and coooollllllddd day out in old town! here are a few of my favorites from the day!



photo challenge part 2.

instagram photo a day challenge :)
part two!

11. where i sleep
 12. close up
 13. in my bag... ready for a night with the romeos
 14. something i'm reading
 15. happiness... blue bell & lazy sundays with husband
 16. morning
 17. water
 18. something i bought... matching ring sets for husband and i, back when it was boyfriend and i :)
 19. sweet
 20. someone you love
 21. reflection
two thirds through it! see you again for the last ten!
see part one HERE!
happy monday!