love languages.

have you read 'the 5 love languages' ?
if you haven't, or this is your first time hearing about it... look into it! it's a great book, and more than that, it is a KEY part to every relationship you have. whether it be romantic, friendship, family... knowing someones 'love language' is so important<3

what's a love language? you might be thinking...
in this book there are five:

words of affirmation
quality time
physical touch
acts of service

your love language is how you feel most loved. chances are, you will have more than one, but there is usually one that takes the cake! one of the things that happens SO often, not on purpose... is people trying to love another person using their own personal language. i am guilty of this as well! we know what makes us feel loved & appreciated, and we naturally assume that might make someone else feel the same, all the while missing what their love language actually is.

for the longest time, my love language has been words of affirmation. however, in the past year, meeting new people & growing & changing, i feel like my current love language is quality time. not to sound harsh, but i used to hold what people said to such a high level... and i have learned two things this past year, 1) talk is cheap & actions speak louder than words, and 2) i don't need the approval or affirmations of others, because i have jesus & he is faithful & will never let me down. quality time is much more important to me these days, whether it be on Skype or the phone with friends who are far, or hanging out with chris or friends who are close by, just spending time together. words to me are still SO beautiful & mean a lot when they are sincere, but for this time in my life, QT is what it's all about in my heart!
what about you?! what love language do you most identify with?
happy sunday!

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