a thankful post.

today i am thankful.
yesterday i heard about an incident that happened over the weekend of a life that ended to soon, with no notice. she didn't anticipate it, probably never thought in a million years that this would be how her life ended... but it did.
i am always deeply effected by things like this. it just breaks my heart. at first i am scared & stunned by the realness of it. I think of  how temporary this life is. we go through life, day by day, thinking that we will live to be 100 & pass away in our sleep, peacefully.
.. and we might.
i sure hope that i do! however, it makes me think about if that isn't God's plan for me, i want to be thankful TODAY. i want to spend time, love, do things TODAY. because we don't know what life has in store for our future.
i am thankful for everything i have, everyone i know, the love shown to me, & the chance i have every day to try and bless others. i am thankful that Jesus died for me, so that when my day does come.. i am forgiven & i can see Him in Heaven.
i pray for my safety, and the safety of my friends & family. i pray that we are blessed with 100 years together! i pray that YOU reading this, will also be thankful for your life!
it's a wonderful thing, don't waste a minute of it :)

happy tuesday!
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