Christmas Day!

Christmas morning was magic of course. Abel came in early to let us know that "Santa's been!" -- If you remember last year, he was having none of it when it came to Santa, but this year he was very much into it & it definitely did add to the magic. It was a sweet sweet morning at home, and there's really nothing like Christmas morning through the eyes of your kiddos. I made a little film to accompany this photo heavy post, and i hope you had a wonderful holiday!
^^^Chris surprised me with a chair for our pair!!
^^^I cannot get over the cuteness in these two shots. I'm the luckiest.
We went to my mama's house later that day for more gifts and family and food! 

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve Morning we always do a fun breakfast of some kind, but after this year, I think the Rudolph Pancakes will probably stick. I've done them once before but no one was old enough to remember, so it was all new and exciting for them. I am truly finding over time that holiday eves are just as much my favorite as the actual holiday itself & so forging traditions on those days too has been special! Breakfast, church in the afternoon, Ruby brings the kids jammies to open, chinese food, tracking santa, and probably the sweetest part this year was lighting a candle by the nativity, reading the Christmas story from Luke, and the kids closing with their own prayers of thanks. 
Christmas is so special!
^^^Abel helping Isla open her gift... He's a real gem.
^^^Please let me always remember Lucy in a nightgown, dancing in our kitchen.
^^^What a guy!
^^^Tracking Santa!
^^^Santa stopped by.

Bits & Pieces of Christmas

Christmas went by so fast!! I've spent exactly zero time blogging since Halloween, which is sort of typical over here, but have still been snapping away with my big camera! Here are a few bits and pieces of Christmas around our house. What a truly magical time of year! Tomorrow I'll post Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, just in time for the New Year!! 
Hope you've had a wonderful Holiday season :) 
^^^Got himself a Nutcracker this year, clearly happy about it! & how about those TWO missing teeth?!
^^^Ruby visited us for the first time this year, & made for some added fun this season! The kids already can't wait for her to come back next year. 
^^^Something special about seeing my oldest & youngest play together.
^^^Abel took this, and I mostly love it & thank him for his good job!
^^^Sisters, forever.