Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve Morning we always do a fun breakfast of some kind, but after this year, I think the Rudolph Pancakes will probably stick. I've done them once before but no one was old enough to remember, so it was all new and exciting for them. I am truly finding over time that holiday eves are just as much my favorite as the actual holiday itself & so forging traditions on those days too has been special! Breakfast, church in the afternoon, Ruby brings the kids jammies to open, chinese food, tracking santa, and probably the sweetest part this year was lighting a candle by the nativity, reading the Christmas story from Luke, and the kids closing with their own prayers of thanks. 
Christmas is so special!
^^^Abel helping Isla open her gift... He's a real gem.
^^^Please let me always remember Lucy in a nightgown, dancing in our kitchen.
^^^What a guy!
^^^Tracking Santa!
^^^Santa stopped by.