a baby shower!

over the weekend my little sister threw me a baby shower! && let me just say that it was all that i dreamed my baby shower would be and more!
completely beautiful && wonderful.
she made 100% sure that every little detail that my heart desired came to life && that i felt so special. on top of that, we felt SO SO loved by all of the guests that drove, flew, and took time out of their lives to celebrate our little blessing… including my mom who surprised me by driving in from arizona to be there! talk about the greatest gift ever :) God has blessed us with SO many amazing people in our lives && i am just so thankful for their generosity && love! i really don't even know how to describe how grateful i was && STILL am. thank you, thank you, thank you to EVERYONE who made this weekend truly great! i love you!
photo 1IMG_2665 IMG_2667 IMG_2668
*for more pics, see my facebook page*
also our menu & games!
comment with any requested recipes!
iced vanilla chai tea
sparkling red grape
sparkling blueberry
lemon water
mini tomato soups & grilled cheese
baked fruit (in a pumpkin)
brie bites
artichoke dip
buffalo chicken dip
popey's dip
chocolate pumpkin bread skewers
muddy buddys
s'mores cups
baby scattergories
wishes for baby
the dirty diaper game
chocolate dipped oreos from baby sal :)


Jess said...

This is too pinterest perfect! So adorable and you, my dear, are glowing! :)

Life on Sugar Hill said...

thank you Jess!! it was SO much fun & the food was deeeelish! we were hoping to get a 'pinterest perfect' feel/look so you just made my day ha! <3

positivelypearson said...

This is so adorable! I am hosting a baby shower for a friend in October and I was wondering if you would share a few recipes with me please. I would love to have the chocolate pumpkin bread and the baked fruit recipe. Thanks!

Life on Sugar Hill said...

thanks julie!
you can get my pumpkin bread recipe here: http://lifeonsugarhill.blogspot.com/2011/11/you-talked-me-into-it.html

& for the baked fruit it's super easy and one you can play with! Get a large pumpkin, empty out the guts, set oven to 400. The glaze is brown sugar, regular sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, & honey. coat the inside of the pumpkin & then chop all fruit & put in pumpkin. cover with remaining glaze & stir. cook until your fruit is to your liking (softness wise). You can play with the fruit choices. We used apples, pears, pineapple, grapes, & peaches would be great too! Stick with more firm fruits or it will turn to mush!


positivelypearson said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I cannot wait to try these out!