the cookie monster.

a tale of  the cookie monster.
oh harvey...
as mentioned in this post, our boy has a new habit of counter surfing & he's got a sharp nose for dessert. cookies seem to be his favorite find so far, though in recent months, he has found, unpackaged & eaten the following:
1/4 of a bag of frosted animal crackers
a piece of pie from the farmer's market
4 favor bags from my baby shower... that's TWELVE! chocolate dipped oreos
neiman marcus cake
donut holes
2 caramel apple pops
aaaaand we aren't forgetting ANY dog food that is left around the house that doesn't belong to him. you would think he's never been fed... HE HAS. THIS is a brand new habit he has started & we are not sure WHERE it came from. i was REALLY worried at first, because i was scared he'd be sick, but apparently he is a tank & just loves dessert... boy after my own heart, haha! we really aren't bad dog parents & are keeping an EXTRA close eye on him these days! cross your fingers for us that he loses his sweet tooth here before the holidays, because there will be LOTS of goodies around.... oh boy!

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ashton said...

hahaha oh harvin marvin. with that face id let him eat all the goodies he wanted :)