oh hey there again monday.

you guys.
as of this past friday, i am officially 27 weeks pregnant.
how can we be to the third trimester?!
time slow down!!!
i love being pregnant, and i know there will never be another time like the first time. each special in their own way yes... but nothing like the FIRST time. i truly am trying to savor every minute of it. i dream of the day we meet our little man, but am also just trying to BE in each day, while he is still in my tum. he is getting so big & moving around all the time. it feels like an earthquake in my belly! i love every little kick, jab & smudge (this is what i call the movements that are slow & span about 3-4 inches and you can SEE THEM!). it makes me smile, thinking that it is him saying hi, special for me... kinda like, 'hey mommy, i already love you.' i already love him & so does husband. i CANNOT wait to see chris as a daddy. just yesterday, i got all teary just thinking about how much i love chris & how blessed i am to have him as a husband & person in my life. he is my best friend in this world, & this whole journey with him has been so beautiful & wonderful in every way. i am thankful.
anyways... not to sap out on a monday, but we can't wait to meet you baby, you're so special & perfect already!
hope your week is already started right!

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