a happy little list.

just a few things making me so super happy lately...

this little boy in my tum... who currently has the wiggles, and i love it.
peppermint hot chocolate.
vines vintage market (it's EXTRA cozy around the holidays)
rearranging places & spaces: we just did our room & i'm in love.
the fact that my parents come home tomorrow, cancer FREE!
husband... per usual.
the new project love goodies.
our black & white puppy's new cookie monster habit of finding & eating ANY dessert in sight! (we'll talk about that later though...)
CHRISTmas music
what's making YOUR heart happy?!
**ps, today is 28 weeks! holy cannoli! the fruit chart is WAY off lately... today it tells me that baby boy bump is about 2.9 lbs, and 17 inches long... the size of a small cabbage.... umm what?! have YOU ever seen a SEVENTEEN inch small cabbage??? i haven't. so fruit/veggie pictures will resume when they get their comparisons together, sheesh. i will say though, i'm very excited because we now measure head to toe which is new & we are third trimester sailing! can't wait to meet our boy! happy weekend!**

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