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Heyooo! Still over here snappin' away, time for some catch up :)
^^^same table, different flowers.
^^^sunset season + porch sitting is upon us!
^^^these little artists make me so proud. i love that abel is drawing people now, SO cute, and we didn't teach him, he just tried it. Lucy's painting is always abstract + free, just like her.
^^^ i. can't.

A Weekend Trip to Estes Park

This feels like forever ago now, even though it was only a few weeks ago! I forgot I had uploaded the photos here + it just needed writing, oops. 
We went to Estes Park! Just our little family of five. 
It's important to me to start forging our own traditions + doing stuff with just our family some! We love people + we love sharing experiences + memories, but I feel more of a push in the direction of keeping some things special just between the five of us too. This can be tough because we don't ever want to hurt feelings, and it's Chris' natural instinct to invite others along, but we've only ever loved the times that we've done it. It feels simple and good.
Chris came home from work on Friday + said let's go to Estes! Done. We went up for two days + a night, stayed at the cabins I stayed in as a teenager, hot tubbed + played games with the kids, ate pizza + cookies for dinner, fished, tried new restaurants, hugged Belle + went to Laura's. Wins all around. These four humans are my favorite.

Hillary's Favorite Berry-Butter Smoothie

Hello! Today I bring to you a smoothie recipe! 
You know, to balance out the homemade popcorn recipe I shared here recently :) 
Chris had a smoothie similar to this one while he was traveling once + got all of the things to make it + i was super skeptical. I love berries + i love peanut butter, but together I wasn't sure. I tried it, and now I make this smoothie like three times a week, it's so so good!

Hillary's Favorite Berry-Butter Smoothie  \\

1 handful frozen raspberries
1 handful frozen blueberries
1 apple
1 glob of peanut butter
1 spoonful greek yogurt (optional, sometimes we are out + I don't notice a difference)
a dash (or three) of cinnamon
big splash almond milk



Easter Weekend!

I hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend, and have taken the truth of the resurrection into your week as not just an event that happened, and a day to celebrate it, but MORE, a continued celebration... resurrection power that frees us every single day of our lives! Praise!!!! I love Easter. Over the past few years it's crept up on my favorites list, past Halloween + is giving Christmas a run for it's money.
Our weekend consisted of Good Friday church, an egg hunt + brunch on Saturday, easter baskets + church + a day filled with this little fam of mine on Sunday. Here are the 8 billion pictures of the kids I love the most, as well as some little detail shots, because i love the way details make me feel like more a part of the story. xoxo
^^^Annual Mill City Church Easter Photo :)
^^^we dyed brown eggs this year! i never thought to try because I figured they wouldn't turn out, but LOOK! Bold, beautiful colors! Not sure I'll buy white again now.

S   U   N   D   A   Y

 These pictures below are IT. I haven't gotten a picture of all three of my kids since Isla was a newborn really! Lots of lifestyle kinds, but none of three sweet faces looking straight at my camera smiling. I love these, I love them.
^^^Easter's Sunset, OUTSTANDING, it felt fitting. 
Easter the last few years HERE, HERE + HERE