scenes from easter weekend.

i hope you had a lovely easter weekend!
i love easter! i'm so thankful for our risen savior, who made this beautiful life possible. because of him i am able to live and love each day with my sweet family + i am forever grateful for the sacrifice he made because he loves us, nothing beats that. 
we had a great weekend overall, we got our usual saturday morning treat from little bird - monkey bread. they ONLY make it on saturday mornings + we get up bright + early hoping to snag some before they are out! we made crepes for breakfast easter morning, the kids loved their easter baskets + church was lovely per usual. we ate lunch at my moms + the kids napped, and when they woke we truly had the most magical rest of our day. we played with their new playdoh + chris must have sword fought + played pirates for two straight hours on the deck afterwards. they chased bubbles, abel hunted for eggs a second time + it was so pleasant and wonderful to spend time with my little family. evenings like that are more than i could have dreamed of, and i think at one point in the evening i even told chris that i should probably just have my final breath then because it can't possibly get cuter than them or sweeter than this + it would surely be the most glorious last moment on earth if i chose one.

^^^enjoying their new chalk/play table from auntie tay. i SWEAR i'll never buy another toy. my kids are just over them after a week, but never the ones that are interactive or creative or musical, that stuff never gets old, and i LOVE that. 
^^^flower lady forever, is there a flower that really screams spring like a tulip?!
^^^easter weekend blooms from my boys :) 
^^^that right there, forever.. amen. to think of a third one in this mix come july is too sweet to imagine, i can't wait!
^^^JACKPOT- ALL the heart eyes :)

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