a recipe for our happy lately

1. a never ending helping of chris being home + not traveling, AMEN AMEN AMEN.

2. EVERYTHING lucy says... i truly wish i could bottle up her little voice (+ really the rest of her too) and keep it forever so I never forget it EVER EVER

3. hourrrrsss spent out on the deck

4. planning our first ever trip without the kiddos (since kiddos) before our next little love arrives

5. sisters, ALWAYS. good morning texts EVERY SINGLE DAY, and typically seeing them most days too. there are few things that beat the bond between sisters + i am SO SO thankful for them, and that we are giving lucy a sister!! huzzah! 

6. lucy overcoming some seriously tiring sleep habits + championing all the way home!

7. our kids met us in the kitchen this morning, having gotten down + walked there holding hands.... DEAD.

8. loving our new church series + our small group nights

9. smoothie bowls all the live long day

10. flowy dresses for life, especially my pregnant life. i told chris the other day that i'm so done with pants, and he laughed... i guess he's never been pregnant.

11. baby kicks giving me alllll the good feels. i love this little sweetie + am starting to wonder what she will look like! lucy? abel? ME?! or maybe another chris clone... SO thankful i married a man who looks like that, i'd be happy if they ALLL looked like him!

12. abel love, i've said it before, but i truly truly don't think it gets sweeter than him. 

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