perfection, on burning the candles...

a while ago, i read this wonderful post HERE by one of my very favorite authors + loved it so much that i immediately began applying it, and quickly needed more candles :) it's such good advice, and easy to apply to lots of things in life... some other things not. i am such a perfectionist, and never like to share things or big news until it's JUST right... well here's the thing about house buying + building... there is always something you could find to change or work on + the creative process just continues to grow as you live there. i posted a year ago some before photos HERE of our little house on the corner, and promised updates + photos along the way, and in the meantime the whole process got drawn out + muddied because of a terrible contractor situation. 4 months turned into a year + we ended up finishing our home on our own (with help from family + friends)! chris learned lots of new skills that i was thoroughly impressed by + it has been a journey to say the least. so here we are a year later... we still don't have painted doors + baseboards, or a knob on our bedroom or bathroom door, and lots of little things like that, that have kept me from sharing what has been such a huge blessing in our life because it isn't quite "pinterest perfect"...
so, this is a new way that i am choosing to burn the candles + say perfection be darned! we LOVE our space + have enjoyed the heck out of it so far, and at a certain point, you just get sick of working on your house on the weekends + just want to sit on the deck with your family + watch your kids chase bubbles... and so we've done a lot more of that lately + i'm okay with it! the list of stuff will get done at some point, and in the meantime we are making memories. 
so without further ado... our new great room! 
this space has the best feel. from day one, the vibes have just been soooo good. it's SO much more space than we had previously, and now that it's not neighboring our kids rooms, we can watch tv at night with the volume higher than a 6... LIVING. LARGE. i tell ya.
we feel like we can entertain better here + we added the fireplace which is always a nice touch. the windows are my all time favorite detail because it lets SO much natural light into the room + looks out to our lake, where we watch and swoon over countless sunsets. 
building onto our already loved so much house was seriously a goldmine of an idea, and i am forever thankful and never want to move. i've already snapped pictures of our less than perfect master bedroom and kitchen too + will post them here soon! new dining space is after that, and i'll wrap up with kid room make overs + outdoor! huzzah!

^^^forever sucker for a gallery wall. i want to hang a wreath on the salvage wood piece + fill that vintage liquor bottle with pennies!
^^^these restoration hardware, craigslist bar stools were a dream come true find, they have my heart eyes... + i swooned over the pottery barn pendants until they went on sale for the same price as home depot lights, score! + yellow tulips... duh.
^^^we LOVE how this bar brought the kitchen and living areas together to create an open floorplan feel of togetherness, without losing the character of our old house! also, chris and grant built it together + that makes it even more special.
^^^the "joy box" is my favorite item in the living room, as it's filled with our chatbooks! me and the kids thumb through them all the time, and i get all reminiscent over how little they were then and how big they are now, and it's really just the best thing.

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