while you were out...

...lucy went + grew up.
insert all the hysterical crying emojis here now, because i can't believe she would do this to me.
no, but really... how big and beautiful is she?!?
the other day i was chatting with my sister about our new baby coming + how it feels like i'm starting  over again more than it did when lucy came. the age difference will be close to the same, and it's not like we are out of diapers or anything, but both of my kids are just so self sufficient, the thought of a newborn + then baby just seems so far away right now. i kept saying how weird it was, when taylor reminded me how long lucy has been doing certain things, and that because of that, she seems and has always seemed so much older than her age, so her baby days feel further away. we sat there watching little emerson scootch around on the floor at the very same age that lucy had started walking and getting black eyes at... and i let her words sink in. SO true.
lucy is a firecracker, she always has been. she has done everything at lightning speed both physically + mentally, and i both love it and it's got me going gray all in the same breath. abel is her very very best friend in the world + she mostly wants to be all that he is... he has a hat, she has a hat - this applies to most everything in our day. there really is nothing she doesn't say at this point - "i wub you toooo" and "me tome?!" being at the tippety top of my favorites, she leaps off of the couch or coffee table like it ain't no thang (thanks abel), still my very best eater - always choosing fruit or veggies over all starches, has to do EVERYTHING on her own, mostly always has bed head, loooooves to sit in laps, swing, dance, read books + sing "jee-sus love me tooooo!" 
she is everything and more, all of my prayers for her before she was born have been brought to fruition + i couldn't love her more, but if there was a way, i would find it. i could never ask for more in a daughter + am SO thankful that God chose ME to be her mom, ME guys!! she is going to be the very sweetest big sister, and i'm so excited to meet this new little one, and experience + celebrate all of their similarities + differences.
i love you luna girl, my sweet lemon - forever + always.
^^^aside from parkour with her brother, this is her very favorite thing lately. harlow is ever so patient + earning brownie points with me each time... she can stay.

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