things to remember, again.

i hope i never ever forget...

the time abel came running into my room exclaiming, "mom! mom! hiwawee!!" and grabbing my hand to pull me into the other room... to where i'd find lucy naked at the piano with a pile of poo right beside her, and he says, "she pooped! right there on the bench!".... a reminder that i allowed the naked run around between diaper changes to last one minute too long.

the time harvey stunk up the kids room + i told him to leave, and abel picks up his red guitar, follows him to the hall + begins singing, "harvey, please don't fart in our facessss, please don't fart in my faaace."

every little thing lucy says ever.

my kids obsesssssssionnnn with band-aids

my text conversation with chris on giving up sugar, or not giving it up ;)

the time i changed lucy's diaper, then just sent her on her way in her bloomers, then asked why there was a random diaper on the couch... "must have just grabbed an extra by mistake"... then realized what i had done, wow.

the time abel asked to have an apple with honey like his uncle josh, but to top it with sprinkles :)

lucy singing chris happy birthday

how excited the kids are to do "their jobs" which is letting the dogs out when we get home, abel opens the kennel, lucy opens the dog door... dream team.

the time arrow was petting harlow's belly + noticed her nipples and exclaimed, "look at all those teeters!!" -- crying laughing now just re-thinking about it!

picking flowers (dandelions) + putting them in a cup, every single day

when abel tells lucy not to cry, he is going to protect her (whenever talk of being babysat comes up)

abel putting the kibosh on the easter bunny. "no! himma bite me! himma stay at him easter bunny house!" (he later came around to the idea... still pretty undecided on santa)

the smell of chris' cologne in the bathroom long after he's left for work

hearing their conversations + watching them play together


aaaand a little update on my sweet kiddos with more things I hope to never forget!


A  B  E  L

abel talks alllllll the time now. like every minute of every car ride, and most of the other minutes throughout the day. this can obviously be exhausting, because it's often a lot of questions, and often times my answers don't suffice for him, leading to repeated questions, but it is mostly so good to me and i try to take the teaching moments and make the most of them, and hear where his little heart and thoughts are at. it also makes me think just MAYBE it could bring an end to our passy days (praying that one up hard). it's CRAZY to hear how his brain is working + always full + jumbled + moving fast... i let chris know that this is how the inside of my head sounds + he suddenly understood me so much more. 

whenever we finish something or leave from somewhere, he always tells me had fun doing said thing or place.

he told me he was going to grow up soon today... i wanted to cry + told him nope not happening, and so he started smiling and flexing his arms muscles at me like it was happening right there before my eyes, and then we laughed about it.

a few of my favorite things abel regularly says right now are:

"look at my face." -- (if you ain't lookin', you ain't listenin')

"really super"-- he will tell me that the baby is going to be really super tiny, or he will tell me he wants to snuggle really super tight & then wrap both of his arms around my neck REALLY SUPER TIGHT, nothing better. 


he is big on letting us know things we shouldn't say, he usually tells us in a whisper. some times he's confused... like the time I said something was "so sick" + was reprimanded for it, most of the time he's right... "mom, don't say dang it"... and I never noticed how often I said things were stupid (so embarrassing). we mostly just try to play it safe now and stick to "aww coconuts!" (from jake) -- if our kids aren't little mirrors right?!

speaking of the whisper, it's the cutest + funniest thing ever. soooo much is meant to be whispered these days + he typically speaks slowly, and lays his hand on his cheek when he does it, obviously thinking he's doing the hand beside the mouth/whispering gesture.

EVERY time i wear a dress, which is most days now since the whole being done with pants thing I mentioned in one of my recent posts, he tells me, "mommy i love your pretty dress" + then i love him more than i thought i could, because how sweet + thoughtful + observant, and also what mom or pregnant woman doesn't need to hear that on the regular?!

he loves pumpkin seeds, smoothies, his hair flat, his paw patrol shirt (that's a serious choosing my battles moment when he asks to continuously wear it + i agree to him wearing it under something new... i think our max has only got to be like 5 days so we're good). he would eat cookies all day every day, knows my starbucks order, likes kiwi because of the crunchy seeds, says "absolutely!" in the cutest + most enthusiastic way possible, and farts around at bedtime + nap time like it's his most important job in life.

L  U  C  Y
lucy says any + everything, such a difference from abel at this age. there is literally nothing she won't say, we laugh and look at each other regularly throughout the day because it's so crazy to hear so much from such a tiny little person. I'm thankful that she has abel ahead of her, because he's literally the sweetest child I've ever known + says wonderful things that I love to hear her repeat, like:

"me face" -- same rules apply to looking at her face when she wants to tell you something. she also uses this incorrectly, like in the car when I'm driving + she will ask me to look at her and I do and she follows it up with... nothing. 

she calls abel "abes" + like her brother, only requests "the water song" every minute of every car ride ever -- heart be still.

"jesus love me tooooooo!"

she currently has the most hysterical face going right now, where she puckers her lips and tilts her head down, looking up at you from underneath those thick, dark lashes... it's her deciding face + her sass face + it's the best ever. 

whenever she's hungry, she says "me, someping" + lately she gets the silliest hand/point thing going, and will point to everything around us, telling us what it is, while pointing + doing little knee dips. she is SUCH A HAM and knows it. i really don't know where she gets it, but it keeps us laughing always.

this morning before getting out of bed, she touched my hair + told me "hair flat, i like it!" -- NOT a bad way to wake up. 

she is obsessed with abel, and will randomly wake + ask in the middle of the night where he is + what he's doing. since we are currently in a phase of everyyyyyy one ending up in our bed during the night (your vision of me + chris on opposite islands + my growing belly hovering off the edge of the bed is correct here), he's typically right next to her + so i'm able to show her + then she just rolls over and goes back to sleep. so sweet that she loves + cares about him so much. 

i woke up at 4:30 monday to say goodbye to chris as he left for a work trip, and instead of going back to sleep to you know, prepare myself for a half week of single parenting, i decided to stay up googling the transition to three kids + work on this post here... while i lay there, lucy rolled into my side + i stopped and listened to her breathing... what a gift. 

lucy loves fruit + veggies, chocolate chips, abel, doing everything herself... EVERYTHING + ALWAYS, snuggling up next to my belly to go to sleep, flowers in her hair, her daddy, the on the farm book, me, + wants a paw patrol shirt like abel.

as i finish this post, it's the end of what was a very hard day. i failed too many times + wish i would have done better as a mom. even at the end of days like today though, those two kids are everything. they drive me insane + i love them intensely all in the same 3 minutes. i know that one day i will miss even the hard days, i will miss their sweet breath next to me at 4am, and i will miss the chaos that is life right now. so i'm letting go of today, because tomorrow is new + with it comes more grace.

i hope i never forget these things. (more things HERE)

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