shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart... I love you chris.

over the weekend chris + i went to vegas. this was the first time we had ever gone away together, just the two of us, since before abel was born! 
prior to going (like, for a couple months) i did my typical panic about leaving the kids, because who in the world would love + care for them the way I would + would any of us survive not stuck together like the glue we've been these past three years?!... despite all of the over thinking, I knew how important it was to me, and how much I truly, truly wanted to go. chris' sister offered to stay with our kiddos before we had even asked her to + that is of course the person you want to be caring for them. she loved them well + they had such a blast with her, and for that we are forever thankful!! 
we held hands + watched the sunrise + went to shows + ate too much food. I showered every day (most days twice,) got a massage, slept through the night-ish, and had such a great time being a WIFE. 
I've preached a lot more than I've practiced when it comes to being a wife first + a mom second. sometimes being just a person feels so far away to me even. it's easy to get swept up in the chaos of life + in the sweet hearts of your children... but before this third little bug joins us, and really in the days when we were first discussing the hopes of getting pregnant with her, I knew in my heart that it was time to re-arrange + work to prioritize alone time for chris and i. we don't have a regular date night + he travels more often than we'd like, but with a little extra effort, some early morning coffee dates or late night jimmy fallon episodes, we have made small strides to get there...
this trip was a push for me. I love chris so much. he's everything. he's truly the best man I know, and I'm not biased just because I'm his wife. people who know him and watch his life and notice his morals and see how he loves his family, know that he is wonderful. he's handsome + funny + smart, and I know what I have. I'm thankful for him + that he chooses ME. so, here's to more quality husband + wife time, whether it be on vacation, on our porch, driving in the car, or in the kitchen... we deserve it.

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