a home tour part TWO || kitchen + master

letting the home tour commence! part one HERE
below is our kitchen + master bedroom!
our kitchen is MOSTLY done... you can see the differences from THIS POST.
the wall in the first photo still needs shiplapping + of course our paper towels weren't stocked in the crates the day i took this photo, so the perfectionist inside me cringes at the lack of symmetry there(embarrassed monkey emoji). NONETHELESS! white! i have wanted a white kitchen since before pinterest (huzzah!), we finally found the perfect pantry cabinet + bought red paint for our back door a few weeks ago too... we'd like to eventually do a full kitchen remodel, but for now we are going to start with opening the wall to the right of the oven (not shown - you can sort of see it in part one) half way into the dining room + have loved the difference of the lighter space.
^^^that wall organizer there has made the biggest difference in our life ha! no more clutter piles of mail on the counter... the simple things are often times the best things.
^^^that scroll iron piece propped there is a pot rack we were given that we love + will hang at some point... and front + center you see my apron collection that i love- they bring both happy color + functionality, and thats always a big win for me!
^^^fun details, and our coffee corner, where we exposed the brick ourselves + have no clue why anyone in the world would have ever ever ever covered it up, because duh, exposed brick is sweet.


O U R   M A S T E R
^^^yes that is blue painters tape there on the french doors, and yes this is the dreamiest room in our house, and double yes to us no longer having to turn sideways and scootch out of bed in the mornings (okay exaggerating slightly...) we loved our sweet LITTLE bedroom, but it has been very nice to have more room to spread out + our own bathroom + closet! we especially love all of the windows + light, and the french doors out onto the deck with the view of the lake is a super nice touch :) 
^^^different side tables on the list of to dos here, but how pretty is that pallet?! it seriously is my favorite.


C O R N E R   O F F I C E
this is a happy little space that fits perfectly in the corner of our room! we aren't sure how long it will stay here, but for now it's welcomed.

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