i'm leaving, on a jet plane...

headed to the big apple today friends!
SO excited!
my younger brother has nationals for his dance company and needed a chaperone.... oh.. okay, i guess i'll go. ha! it was kind of a surprise, last minute trip that i am SUPER thrilled about! spending a week in NYC with my older sister & oldest/younger brother is my cup of tea! i only wish husband were coming!! anyhoooo! just wanted to let you in on that little bit of info & wish you a wonderful weekend!! Please pray for the fires in my hometown of Colorado Springs. they are truly devastating. but God is bigger than those fires & will show us His glory, so just keep praying!!

Until next week!
Here's a little gem for you, shown to me by the future mrs. bloom, thanks emma!

iphone love.

getting your best friends save the date? yes.
harvey’s idea of a walk.
a smooshy kitty.
celebrating our friends.
baby girl.
seeing blue.
movie night.
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let iphone week commence!

so truth time.
life has been preeeetty uneventful lately. that is about to change since i’m leaving for NYC on friday *squeeeeals* but THAT is for another post! more than anything, i have been enjoying the time spent with my friends & loved ones and NOT taking very many pictures. i’m lame. my nice camera… you know, the one that cost a lot of money & takes gorgeous pics? yea that one… currently collecting dust. i have been allll instagram. so i call this week, iphone week. NEXT week, y’all are in for a reeeeal treat though. i’m taking my big girl camera with me to the city & will be back to regularly scheduled posting :)
enjoy this first of a few iphone posts :)

last night we went to the kenny chesney & tim mcgraw tour. SO SO good & so much fun. country concerts? seriously. people watching might have been one of the highlights :) leaning tower of beer cans anyone? gah! i love it.

little dates.

call me crazy, but my idea of perfect time with chris is waking up late, throwing on a pair of sweats, no make-up or teeth brushing (go ahead, judge) and driving down to our neighborhood dunkin’ for a little date.
i’m not too fancy.
it’s the little dates that make my heart go pitter patter.
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happy tuesday!

a very happy father’s day.

i love my dad so so much & i wish i could have been with him yesterday! mostly because i am a daddy’s girl & looooove spending time with him, but secondly because when i called him to wish him a happy father’s day he was making Grant Family Breakfast…. yummmm. it’s pretty much the works! eggs, bacon, potatoes, biscuits & gravy, YOU NAME IT. ha! but for reals, dad’s are the greatest & i’m lucky to have mine.


hope you celebrated yours!


mornings with harlow.

morning snuggles with harlow are the best.
she usually sleeps tucked behind my knees, under the covers. in the morning though, she gets hot & retreats to outside of the blankets, either above my head on the pillow, or down by my feet.
what’s cuter though… she can tell when i’m awake. she knows the difference between me rolling over to change positions, & me moving & being awake. I’ll glance down at her without lifting my head from the pillow & i’ll see her ears perk up.
those ears.
she’ll then army crawl her way up to my face, smiling & yawning the entire way. snuggle sesh. i love that little puppy so much. she warms my heart right up :)


summer has always been my least favorite season.
i love fall & winter because i love the holidays and i love snow.
and nothing beats crisp fall air or a porch with a bright orange pumpkin on it.
but, for now we have a freezer stocked with bluebell ice cream
and a lot of really wonderful things have & are taking place this summer.
so, i guess we are excited.
what about you?

*photo via pinterest*

oh happy day.

birthday that is.

little sister’s at it again. one year older, and this time 21!

she’s excited.

i can’t believe it.

but all the not being able to believe it, her being so old… ME being older… aside, it’s an exciting day! thank you Lord for ashton! she is the sprinkles to my cupcake & i love her so so much!

happy birthday!!


a pinterest post: dessert table love

i know, i know!!
it's JUNE!
so i'm dreaming about fall... 

...but i came across a pin while browsing the lovely & oh so addicting pinterest, and it led me to this gorgeous spread. look at this beautiful fall/halloween inspired dessert table! this is a MUST DO come fall. 

ooh & aah. you won't regret taking the time :)
oh... and happy june!
All photos & ideas were found on these three sites, via pinterest.