let iphone week commence!

so truth time.
life has been preeeetty uneventful lately. that is about to change since i’m leaving for NYC on friday *squeeeeals* but THAT is for another post! more than anything, i have been enjoying the time spent with my friends & loved ones and NOT taking very many pictures. i’m lame. my nice camera… you know, the one that cost a lot of money & takes gorgeous pics? yea that one… currently collecting dust. i have been allll instagram. so i call this week, iphone week. NEXT week, y’all are in for a reeeeal treat though. i’m taking my big girl camera with me to the city & will be back to regularly scheduled posting :)
enjoy this first of a few iphone posts :)

last night we went to the kenny chesney & tim mcgraw tour. SO SO good & so much fun. country concerts? seriously. people watching might have been one of the highlights :) leaning tower of beer cans anyone? gah! i love it.

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