a shared nursery.

i think i will start by saying, i wish this was my room. it's such a happy little space with so much color & it's already filled with so much love too. i can't wait to squeeze & kiss two precious babes in here every night before bed... heart be still!
it was so much fun adding to abel's already sweet space (here) and so much easier than i imagined it to be. all we are missing now is a black & white polka dotted changing pad that's on the way & our little lady! we are so happy with how it turned out, thanks for stopping in :)
**as a side note, we keep a side rail on abel's bed to keep him safe from rolling off at night for those who may have wondered, but it's pretty hideous, so for pictures sake... you know :) **

there are moments that i know i will long for, even as i live them...

i came across this (title) quote & i feel it in my bones. i've learned over time, that life just keeps getting better. it really, really does. i was married to chris & my world was enough, and then we had abel, a son, a little piece of each of us that is now out in the world bringing happiness with him wherever he goes, and our world got bigger. i assume it will do the same here in about two weeks too! but still... this quote just gets me. as we play together as a family, laughing, snuggling, eating, all of it... i can feel how much i am in love with our life & how much i will remember these moments and my heart will ache a little when i think of it because then there will be more of us, or we will be older, or we will be in a different season entirely. it's so hard to explain it, because i know that in those future moments, looking back on these ones i will feel the same way about that time too. am i making any sense here? i guess i'm just trying to say that life is so very good. so good, i could eat it with a spoon and not feel sorry asking for seconds or thirds or fourths. the Lord has blessed me ten times over with the sweetest family, a loving husband, an unfairly cute toddler and now a baby girl. i have friends all over, near & far, sisters i adore, in laws that we don't see near enough but love & think of daily, a mother who taught me to love well & to have a giving heart, little brothers who warm my heart with their smiles & the way they look at my son, the list. goes. on...
so before this little lemon makes her debut, i had hoped to capture a little bit of the magic that this family of three has going on RIGHT NOW, before things change again & we have new love in our lives & a different skip in our step. thank you to my sister for taking these for us! they turned out pretty dreamy, which is a miracle considering we were working with a big ugly cloud that decided to come in and block our gorgeous light, a camera we are still learning, a toddler who only wanted to run... and run & run, also a 9 month pregnant lady who's emotions are over here AND there and everywhere else. at least we had chris... always looking like that & keeping his cool :) 

^^^lastly, these ponies were on the side of the road on our drive home... you know me & my weakness for pictures of ponies, and this sunset was waiting for us when we pulled into the driveway. amen.

A Shower for a Bride

We recently threw my sister a bridal shower! Hooray for weddings & double hooray for throwing parties... it's sort of my one true love outside of loving actual people. From the menu to decor, activities, & favors. If there's a party to be planned, count me in. I can't believe Taylor is getting married. It's so exciting! She had a great turn out of guests that love her & got some of the CUTEST gifts... it pays to run a vintage shop & be friends with some of the most creative vendors on the planet. 
It was a great time for everyone & Ash and I were so happy to pull it all together for her.
& Now... not enough pretty pictures to do it justice :)
Love you Tay! xoxo

food truck rally, take two

last year, fort collins had it's first ever food truck rally... we obviously wouldn't have missed that.
we love food. it brings people together, it fills up your belly. what is there not to love? one night last week, the trucks got together again & we headed down to city park for a night with family. we sampled foods from a few different trucks, i branched out and had something OTHER than the waffle lab for once, & the babies played free in the grass. abel has this new thing where he likes to run in circles, squealing, grinning from ear to ear... it's adorable, and arrow is on the move now too, crawling like it's her job... HOW DID SHE GET SO GROWN UP?! it was a wonderful night, we got golden hour sunlight as we ate in the grass & it wasn't so hot that i melted into the pavement, which is always a win in my book. here's to summer coming to a close these next few weeks, a baby on the way & my favorite time of year right around the corner. hoorah!