a note to my belly

…and a view from above.

i love you. i am amazed at how you are able to grow and stretch the way you have, twice now. it truly blows my mind. i mostly love what is inside of you, my sweet baby girl & i'm thankful for your protection and ability to carry her before my arms can. 

since about week 35, you've been getting a little bit of a bad rap over here because honestly, you are sort of in the way of a few things… like bending at the waist, fitting through spaces that should be plenty big enough, restricting normal human mobility, therefore making me mostly an observer when it comes to running & chasing & things like that. clothes, what clothes? if i'm 100% honest with the world, i'd tell them that i feel ready to say goodbye to you until next time & hello to a baby…

regardless, i wanted to stop in and let you know, that in all of this, i still love you a whole lot & am so grateful for your presence and purpose. it won't be long before i can't even remember the size or feel of you and i'll miss you a little. thank you for hanging around & continuously reminding me what's to come! for housing our little lady & all of her sweet kicks & rolls. you're the best pregnant belly i could ask for & without you, i wouldn't be gearing up to become a mama again! here's to a couple more weeks together :)

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