A Shower for a Bride

We recently threw my sister a bridal shower! Hooray for weddings & double hooray for throwing parties... it's sort of my one true love outside of loving actual people. From the menu to decor, activities, & favors. If there's a party to be planned, count me in. I can't believe Taylor is getting married. It's so exciting! She had a great turn out of guests that love her & got some of the CUTEST gifts... it pays to run a vintage shop & be friends with some of the most creative vendors on the planet. 
It was a great time for everyone & Ash and I were so happy to pull it all together for her.
& Now... not enough pretty pictures to do it justice :)
Love you Tay! xoxo

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Unknown said...

You two are so creative, I really love reading your blog and looking at all the pictures and lovely things that you put together!