food truck rally, take two

last year, fort collins had it's first ever food truck rally... we obviously wouldn't have missed that.
we love food. it brings people together, it fills up your belly. what is there not to love? one night last week, the trucks got together again & we headed down to city park for a night with family. we sampled foods from a few different trucks, i branched out and had something OTHER than the waffle lab for once, & the babies played free in the grass. abel has this new thing where he likes to run in circles, squealing, grinning from ear to ear... it's adorable, and arrow is on the move now too, crawling like it's her job... HOW DID SHE GET SO GROWN UP?! it was a wonderful night, we got golden hour sunlight as we ate in the grass & it wasn't so hot that i melted into the pavement, which is always a win in my book. here's to summer coming to a close these next few weeks, a baby on the way & my favorite time of year right around the corner. hoorah!

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