& i was like, "what?! is this real life?!"

Fort Collins, FIRST EVER, Food Truck Rally.
Dear, City of FoCO... pretty please make this a regular thing. Love, Me & the rest of the cool kids in the city
Okay, so I've always thought food trucks were just the sweetest thing around. Well lucky me, I now live in a city that has embraced them too! You know we love The Waffle Lab, & we also found some new goods at The Taste of Fort Collins this Summer... but little did I know there are actually TWENTY FIVE food trucks in our happy town! & for the first time ever, the city approved for them to all meet up in the same spot, sending my indecision into a frenzy & my happy heart to a whole new level of food joy. Chris & my Dad are both food nuts & will try ANYTHING, especially when it's served on wheels, and Taylor & Abel are just always up for a good time. We waited in lines, filled our bellies up over good conversation & topped the night off with a waffle for dessert. 
good food, better company. great night.

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