melissa comes to town!

last week we were lucky enough to squeeze in a few hours in denver with this girl! melissa is a friend that we met in charlotte, and by friend i mean... one of the MOST special people i have ever met, makes you feel like a million bucks on your birthday, sends gifts for your baby that she hasn't even met, calls instead of texts, let's you know that she'll be in your state even if only she can only see you for an hour... friend. i love her so much. she has the purest heart & the sweetest spirit. she was flying into denver to go to vail for the weekend, but we were able to meet her at the airport & drive to a nearby hotel/restaurant & hang for a couple of hours before her friends picked her up! hip hip! she was a hit with abel. she lives in boston now, and brought him a 'little monstah' shirt. (husband is on the fence about it, because he's a yankees fan, but he said abel looks cute in it, so it can stay. hooray!) it was MUCH needed time for me with a friend that i could really just sit & talk & open up with! now if only she would stay...
we had a great time melissa! come back & stay with us SOON! we love you!
oh.. & happy august!

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