i'll eat you up, i love you so

^^^that picture right up there? it's my new favorite (for today).
it's our computer background, it's already framed & it's my favorite of the 6 homemade coasters my sister made for us this past week. those lashes are just too much for my mama heart! i love him so. he is perfect in every way & time hasn't slowed down like i had hoped it might once he got here, it's only moved more quickly.
abel is just the best.
he's getting so big but is still so small at the same time. his personality is THE business. he is starting to look less like me or chris & more like abel. ya know? his own person... & a CUTIE one at that. it's been such a joy to watch him grow & change these past 27 weeks (no i'm not counting in weeks, but some back-grammin' made me aware of that fact today & my mind was blown because that just isn't that long). it seems like he's been a part of our lives forever! he most certainly has enriched them beyond anything i could have imagined, & i still get giddy over the fact that i get to be his mama. rockstar status.
we are getting REAL hair over here & who knew between chris & i, we'd have a little blondie? bath time is getting more & more fun with lots of splashing. he's making a new scrunchy face that is TO DIE FOR cute. i have to get it on camera because it cracks me up like nothing else. just a little flat, ear to ear grin with two teeth peeking out from the bottom, the rest of his face completely scrunched. gah! he currently does NOT love his carseat. current favorite feature? (aside from the scrunchy face) ...the chunk on the tops of his feet... i mean, do you have chunk on the top of your feet? bet not...
he might have the strongest baby abs of steel in the game & it's not uncommon for me to come in after nap & him be in full crunch mode waiting for me to pick him up. he wants to GO & boy am i in for it when he does.
they aren't lying when they say it just keeps getting better. it really really does.

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Nicole said...

ahh! these little people of ours just do you in, right?!? i am so in love with our little guy and seriously have a new favorite photo everyday. ;) mom life rocks!!

happy weekend, friend!