the happiest 5K on earth

over the weekend we did the color run! fun stuff i tell you!
all five grant girls (we count jasmine as an honorary grant), my brother tristan & of course abel... all dressed in white & went down to denver to get our happy on. 
& whole three colorful miles of happy we were!
i seriously love my family! 
oh, i've mentioned that before? well this little shindig only enhanced that love more (most of our shindigs do)! we took a million pictures (per usual) & i could have just posted a few of them, but i loved them all so much & well, it's my blog so i went ahead & posted just about all of them, so... you know. enjoy these little iphone quality snippets of our color fun & have a happy wednesday why don'tcha!
^^^before above + after below>>>
^^^he was promptly pooped after a big morning & it only took a double bubble bath (or two) to get him looking less smurfy & more like himself again. WORTH IT.^^^


brittany.taylor said...

Abel is by far the cutest runner that the color run has ever seen! He should be their poster child, literally.

Unknown said...

We did the Run or Dye in June, and it was a blast!

Life on Sugar Hill said...

Agreed Tiffany!

Thanks Britt! I can't say that i don't agree. I am IN LOOOOOVE with him & all of his cuteness! can't believe i get to be his mommy :) makes me feel like a real rockstar!