we re-did abel's nursery...

i know... he's only 6 months old & we've already re-styled his nursery, but hear me out...
before i had him, i had mapped out his old nursery... totally vintage & 100% unique. i loved it. i really did. & even when he was born & we brought him home, i loved it.
...but then he got a personality. & it just did't fit.
abel is SO bright & shiny. & i mean SO. all smiles, all the time.
stripes are his middle name.
 & as soon as that personality started shining, i couldn't stand that his room wasn't matching his heart.
you may think i'm a little off my rocker, and maybe i am... but it was important to me that he grow up & be molded in a space that was fitting to him as a little person.
so we changed it.
& i LOVE it. oh man, do i love it.
when i first found out i was pregnant, still not knowing the gender, i had wanted a yellow crib. done & done, that's all i knew. & somewhere along the way i changed focus & went a different direction. now my yellow crib dreams have come true. hip hip! a couple bucks on paint was all it took & we were able to keep most everything from his previous style! here's to a happy little space & a happy day to you!


dear willow, said...

love this! and SO understand what you mean about NEEDING to change things up to fit their little (big!) personalities! xo

Life on Sugar Hill said...

SO glad someone knows what i'm talkin' about!! xo