we are blessed.

i love how little things like a box full of toys can remind you how blessed you actually are...
i feel pretty confident in saying that i don't think chris & i bought even one of the toys in this box. the same goes for so many of abel's clothes & baby things, as well as the majority of furniture in our home.
we are blessed. 
blessed with a family that loves & cherishes us. a family that adores our sweet baby abel & a family that gives & gives until there's nothing left to give & then they give some more.
i love my family with every fiber of my being & i am so thankful.
it is my prayer that we can give & bless others in the same way that we have been blessed & taken care of, whether it be in a monetary gift or simply loving on others, giving them time & attention, prayer, hope, encouragement, etc. we are here to love one another. we are here to show others Jesus & the love He has for us with our lives as an example.
we are blessed.
love on each other today & tomorrow, and every day after that!

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