i didn't feel much like blogging.

last week was a weird one. i try not to be one that complains about "long days" or "weeks straight outta you know where" but i won't lie when i tell you, last week was kind of a long one. monday was more full than usual (& not of my favorite things) & i found myself on tuesday wondering if it was the weekend yet. all that to say, i felt a bit overwhelmed & didn't feel much like blogging.

i've since had a weekend to decompress & am now happily to the middle of this week with no complaints so far. here's what you missed...

i woke up on the braver side of the bed & cut my hair... only like 8 or more inches (something like that).  i'm loving it so far & have yet to break down or regret it.

two of my very favorite friends came to visit from california. we saw air dubai at the taste of fort collins,  survived the heat & ate the most giant reeses puffs rice crispy treat i've ever seen outside of my dreams.

our late nights have consisted mostly of abel teething & watching happy feet (since it's the ONLY thing that distracts him from the pain long enough to go back to sleep (poor guy).) the good news is that our days have been made up mostly of giggles, reading & a healthy dose of pinterest.

i'm officially in nesting mode (i blame the healthy dose of pinterest) & am really just ready for summer's end and the transition into FALL! crispy colorado air, gorgeous fort collins leaves, estes park, the holidays, the clothes... and as to be expected, i feel like i need to go & bake something now.

hmmm.. yep, i think that's most of it. the highlights at least. so, now that i have laid it out in front of me, i guess last week wasn't all bad, i mean i got to hang with this guy... 
here's to wednesday! i hope yours is going wonderfully!

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