you all know how i love creams & crispy white...

this beauty, a perfectly round baby bump + creams&crispy white?
that love just jumped to a whole new level.
meet my sister ashton (in case you have just stumbled upon this blog for the first time). if you've been around here for a while, you probably know that she is...
a) my little sister.
b) my best friend.
c) the funniest person i know in real life.
d) one of the most beautiful people on the face of this earth (inside & out) & it's not uncommon for me to find myself wishing i looked just like her.
you'd also know that she's pregnant with a baby girl & she's due in october! gah! i'm going to be an auntie for the first time & abel is going to have a cousin! weeee! i'm so excited for her & her husband to experience parenthood. i believe it is the most amazing gift in this world & i know they will be so great at it! you know... since they had chris & i as an example... ha, kidding. in all seriousness though... i was SO excited to take these pictures for her! i LOVE photography (in case you hadn't noticed)... & photographing a pregnant woman is SO special. a pregnant sister, even more so.
i love how the photos turned out.
simple. beautiful. natural. just her... loving herself in a whole different way, dreaming of the little one that is growing in her belly. no crazy setting, just a simple space with natural lighting. being pregnant is such a wonderful time & it was my goal to really try & capture that essence for her.
enjoy a few of my favorites! & feel free to "pin" the heck out of 'em! i plan to ;)
^^^yea... abel has a hard time staying out of the spotlight... we didn't mind! doesn't she look like a natural? xoxo


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! I think you're both gorgeous, so it obviously runs in your family! With my husband and I beginning to talk about children, I've been enjoying reading your blog even more lately, though I've been a long time follower! :]

Life on Sugar Hill said...

Thank you Tiffany! Growing your family is TRULY wonderful! Good luck! I know you will love it when the time comes!! xoxo