a little baby in the tub...
for the first time!
okay, so i know... we are probably late to the game moving abel from the baby tub to the big tub, but man he's a slippery little peanut & well, i just wanted to make sure he was SUPER pro at sitting before i made the switch (we also couldn't find the tub stopper for a while, aaand i'm a first timer mom & might be a little over cautious... you know)
either way, hooray! we're in the big tub & if i do say so myself it looks SO dang cute on him. i had to take pictures & per usual... they might be some of my new faves! happy monday!
oh & did i mention this little baby angel is officially 7 months?!?! yea... i know. his 1/2 birthday party was YESTERDAY it seems.

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