a happy little kitchen performance

Lucy has literally danced out of her bedroom in the morning to greet us in the living room. She is sooo special, and mornings are (and always have been) her sweet spot. One morning this past week she put on a little recital in the kitchen with her sister. Abel + I sat on the floor watching... I snapped these photos, and he would do a little finger circle everytime he wanted her to twirl haha! They really are my favorite little crew. It wrecks me how sweet these sisters are together + how Isla wants to do everything Lucy does. She LOVES to dance + now knows the tutu life + is all about it. When Isla dances it's a lot of knee bouncing and standing there with her arms out wide, swaying them back + forth, while singing, "ahhhh".... it. is. the cutest thing ever... While Lucy seems to remember all of the things she learned in Ballet class months ago + asks me all the time when she will have Ballet again. The dancer in me is beaming, it's really sweet to watch your babies enjoy something that is special to you :)

^^^this one looks like a contemporary transition ;)

a snapshot of sisters.

isla, in lucy's dress... lucy in isla's headband...
i can't help but to see their relationship fast forward ten years or so. 
being a sister, i know the irreplaceable bond that will grow between them. sharing clothes + stories + experiences, lending your shoulder to cry + ears to listen. playing house + then living out "house" as an adult + reaching out to encourage one another throughout each day because real life house is a lot more complex than when you were just kids dressed up in your mom's old dance costumes + pretending. being a sister is the opportunity to love unconditionally + to act on God's behalf in the lives of one another, reminding each other who God is + what the bigger picture looks like. my sisters are two of my very greatest gifts, and i pray + believe to my core that abel + lucy + isla will be the same for each other too. 
^^^i mean, how sweet to have a blonde + brunette :) 

Lately in Photos

Just a few photos from lately, & a sticky note to remind myself of what Abel told me it means to be married... 
"ummm be together all the time... 
aaaand, drink coffee."
Happy Wednesday Friends!

Because Kids + Splash Pads

I love that Chris works in Old Town. When Abel was our only one, we used to meet him for lunch alll the time, and since growing our crew we don't do that as often. I feel like we've mostly got this three thing down now though, and all of the splash pads are up and going too, so now is a better time than any to get back in the habit! I feel like the the kiddos would agree, life is just best when we are all together!
^^^Lucy's sweet face.
^^^Favorite shot of the day. Abel loves the thrill of ALMOST getting wet, not the actual wet part ha!
^^^Not wanting to leave face.

A Very Happy Party in the Park!

I will start by sharing a personal record, and that is me posting this the day it happened... say what?! For reals had a post scheduled for today, knowing ahead of time that there was no way I'd have put together this post yet, but look at me go :) 
We had a little birthday gathering with family for Isla + her cousin Mila at the park, and it was perfectly sweet. Why we don't do every birthday party this way is my thought. Simple, sweet, + easy clean up... note to self. We ate, the kids played, and all at my very favorite park here in town. It's the same park where we had Abel's 1/2 birthday at (HERE), also Lucy's 1st Birthday (HERE), and it's the very same park where the sneaky squirrel ate our muffins (HERE). 
It was a happy happy day + Isla proved to be my favorite baby some more :)
^^^How sweet is Mila, and my beautiful sister. SO special raising kids with your sisters. 
^^^Happy Birthday Isla Girl, you are so special.