Isla Jane is ONE! a Gift Guide!

Sweet Isla is having the smallest of birthday gatherings, just family in the park. She needs next to nothing, but I always love putting together these sweet little gift guides + maybe inspire your gift giving for fellow one year olds in your life!

1.\\ Jammies Forever. I love sweet jammies + these fruity ones from here are so precious.
2. \\ Blocks! These wooden ones with the different shapes aren't like any of the ones we have at home. I like that the big kids can get creative with them as well. Maybe they'll build me New York City again :)
3. \\ A Sweet Dolly. Lucy has the pink version, so you know... sisters, and matching, and dollies and what not. 
4. \\ A Pull Behind Toy! Each of our kids have enjoyed a pull behind toy at one point or another + this little guy makes me smile when I look at it. (Has already been purchased)
5. \\ Boooooks, and more books. Can't get enough books. These are all on Amazon.
6. \\ Clementine Kids Quilt. We love our muslin quilts, they are the perfect size + weight for littles, and pretty to look at too.

Happy Gift Giving!