When Isla Jane got cuter...

Between the headband + the shoes, I seriously can't stand it. She's so dang cute, and so big! 
I feel like I've already seen so much growth in just a week of her being one... a few things to note before she goes + changes some more.
 She has transitioned to hard soled shoes. If you take them off of her, she will bring them back to you to put back on, every time.
My sweet little old lady baby- she has the best walk.
She's officially just as much of a hambone as her sister.
Now since she's all grown up, she wants to hold babies who aren't one... like her cousin Mila who is only three weeks younger. It was the most precious thing ever, she'd wrap her arms around her + then lean away to look at her face + give her a kiss + a hug, and repeat.
If you tell her you love her, she will pucker and smack her lips repeatedly, like she loves you too + is showing you with kisses. 
I hope I never forget her exactly as she is today.
Isla Jane, my prize, i love you!