4th of July Parade, 2017!

Happy fifth of July! I hope you had a loooong weekend + a wonderful 4th of July full of celebration + fireworks + traditions + thankfulness because we get to freely call this beautiful country home! We started our morning at the Old Town parade (guh-prayed as Abel used to say). The kids were most excited to collect candy as it was thrown, the cuuutest little face painter girl painted their faces + Chris, the cutest dad, toted the three of them around in our happy red wagon. It was a good morning. It makes me happy when we make the effort to get out + go, to experience different things no matter the possible chaos that may be involved, especially when it would be easier to skip it. It's so worth it to me. Thankful for the life we are building for our kids. My biggest wish is for it to be a life they love to be a part of, and a life that they will hopefully remember when they are adults + will want to share + pass on to their own children!