a happy little kitchen performance

Lucy has literally danced out of her bedroom in the morning to greet us in the living room. She is sooo special, and mornings are (and always have been) her sweet spot. One morning this past week she put on a little recital in the kitchen with her sister. Abel + I sat on the floor watching... I snapped these photos, and he would do a little finger circle everytime he wanted her to twirl haha! They really are my favorite little crew. It wrecks me how sweet these sisters are together + how Isla wants to do everything Lucy does. She LOVES to dance + now knows the tutu life + is all about it. When Isla dances it's a lot of knee bouncing and standing there with her arms out wide, swaying them back + forth, while singing, "ahhhh".... it. is. the cutest thing ever... While Lucy seems to remember all of the things she learned in Ballet class months ago + asks me all the time when she will have Ballet again. The dancer in me is beaming, it's really sweet to watch your babies enjoy something that is special to you :)

^^^this one looks like a contemporary transition ;)