Ballet Day!

That's right! She has only asked me nearly every single day since her last ballet class ended, "is it my ba-way day?".. today, the answer was finally yes! She was SO excited. Talked about it the night before, as soon as she woke up + carried on for the remainder of the day until it was time to get dressed for class + load up. The whole way there she told me all about how she was going to be a good listener + be brave + said things like, "this, is going to be so exciting!" -- truly so sweet, she LOVES to dance. She did so well + we were beaming with parent pride. So thankful for our little tiny dancer + her sweet heart. 

^^^This picture makes me so happy. For one, Abel took it (He loooves to take pictures with my big camera, and I love + encourage that) and two, Lucy snuck this kiss in all on her own + it was the happiest.
Proud of you sweet Lucy.