Little Girls + Flower Crowns

So this sweet picture above might be one of my favorite shots that I've captured. I mean, Lucy's gentleness is shining SO brightly for her sister here + it makes me so happy. Lucy is our ham. She is wild + silly + brave + fiery. 100 miles an hour all the time, and in everything she does. Including how she loves. She has always been a little mama, even when she was 10 months old she was trying to hold our newborn niece. She fiercely loves people + when it comes to her little sister I feel like she gets that same, "I could squeeze you too tight + pinch your cheeks off because you're so cute and i love love love you!" feeling that parents get about their kids. It's special + I love her so much. I wish everyone could know her like we do.
Isla... always doing something mischievous or dangerous + keeping my adrenaline in check. She has suchhhh a cute personality. I can't even put my finger on it to describe it well enough yet, I just love it. She plays hard to get + curls her lips around her smile to keep it from you. She is a bruiser third child if I've ever seen one, ain't takin' nothin' from nobody! She's silly and expressive, snuggly + the perfect size for playing. Really can't believe she has been ours for over a year... like, what?
^^^always climbing up where she shouldn't :) and how about those flower crowns?!