a home tour: Shared Boy + Girl Room!

This little 10x10ish room has been so many things in the 4 years we've lived on this corner. It was originally our master bedroom (you can see in THIS POST) and mostly consisted of a king sized bed + a sleepy little family that all shared it most nights. Then it was a guest space, then a shared girl's room that was never slept in ha!, then the sweeeeetest playroom that went undocumented + that I still sort of miss when I'm having my coffee in the mornings NOT in there, but now... now it's so sweet + maybe my favorite set up that we've had... a shared room for Abel + Lucy! For one, Abel has slept in his bed, the whole night, 98% of nights since we switched it... whaaaat?! Literally, the night he slept in here the first time, and almost every night after. My guess is maybe because we co-slept and it was our bedroom, so it's got the good feels for him? Who knows. But hip hooray for one less kid in the bed haha! Second, how cute is it?! Cheery + neutral in it's own way, and sort of feels the biggest it ever has? We love it + it's a set up that is serving our family well :) 
A few shared spaces over the years linked below: