Some photo talk + storytime with Lucy!

People often ask me how I get such great pictures of my kids, or how I get them to smile in a lot of our photos. It is a kind compliment for sure, as I love pictures + I also love my kids, but it's also something I never want people to compare to or feel like our kids must be perfect to get these great shots. So I'll break it down to you + preface with this: our kids + our family unit are not perfect, but we love each other a whole lot & I really try to focus on the good & find the positives in everything I can, and share that. 

//  Most of the time, my photos are candid moments captured, that are gold on their own + I don't have to do anything except point + shoot. Other times, I'll catch my kids attention + tell them funny things or if I'm in the photo, tickle them, to capture their genuine smiles. Tickles + jokes got me further than "cheese" ever did! I never force a photo if our kids aren't into it, even on special occasions, because even if I were to get a great shot, I'd always know in my heart that it wasn't a real moment captured + that wouldn't sit right with me.

//  I keep my camera close by + capture things that feel organic, and also try to know and feel when to just experience things + not take any photos at all. I think this is really important + definitely something I've had to learn because when things feel special you want to remember it forever & capture it through photos... but I can tell you that sooooo many of our very best moments as a family have gone 1000% undocumented + that feels really special too!

I hope some of these things are encouraging! Seriously ANYONE is capable of all that I mentioned :) Have a camera of any kind, take photos of your favorite people, the end. you will love the results! I hope you're having a happy day :)