lucy's turning three! a gift guide.

These gift guides are seriously so fun to put together! I started doing them a couple of years ago + it's just so sweet to curate little kid things. Lucy is turning THREE in just a few weeks + mostly I cannot believe it. It's different with her, because she's an old soul + has never seemed her age in any way, but it's still like WHAT?! Our baby girl is three? She's so wonderful + I really wish everyone could know her the way we do, but I'll save all of that for another post. Onward! 

1. \\ Ballerina Dolly
This little ballerina doll is precious in every way, and I felt like Lucy needed to have it from the first time I saw it at Target. She does love "ba-way" after all.

2.\\ Books!
I know, broken record here... but children's books are just the best. There really are some good ones out there + because we read before bed each night, it's nice to have a good variety!

3. \\ A pretty white nightgown like her mama :) 
I became a pajama wearer this last year (story for another post) but my favorite jammies are my pretty white nightgowns. They are feminine + comfortable + you really just cannot not feel like a million bucks in them. Found this sweet one for Lu, because I can't ever skip a matching opportunity.

4.\\ New leotards for Ballet  
Lucy would wear her ballet clothes all day every day, and since fashion isn't really a fight we choose in our house, I mooostly let her, so like the books... a variety is nice, visually, and also helps me not have to wash laundry as often haha.

5.\\ Knotted headband to match her sis.
My Mimi got Isla the pink version of this knotted headband for her birthday, and it's just so dang cute, I feel like Lucy would look cute with a matching one. 

6.\\ New Watercolors + Paper
Lucy's Paintings are my favorite ever. Some of them actually come out similar to some of my favorite artists + it's so awesome. We hang them up in her's and Abel's room, and I have a stack of them set aside that I need to buy frames for, so we can hang them up in the house. Her watercolors are the best + so new paints are a happy gift to her + to me. 

7. \\  Jeep
Umm, how cool is that jeep? I think she will feel like a Bloom in it ;) and also, it will be so much fun for her to drive around with her siblings, or race Abel in his ATV. 

Thanks for stopping in, Happy September! I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!