the third birthday that lasted a week!

Lucy's third birthday literally lasted a week. We celebrated with Chris' family the weekend before, on her actual day + again on the weekend for a sweet little party. She didn't mind at all + was happy to sit in her "birthday chair" all week long. I feel like I am finally getting parties down for my kids + what is fitting to their personalities and not, so for Lu this year we kept it suuper small + invited only family + a few close friends who had kids her age. I think she was happy with it. I love the sweet picture above, it's a framer for sure (where am i going to put all these "framers" + will I ever have enough frames?!) and the picture below is becoming a tradition I guess! I love to decorate a cake! See last year's HERE. I hope my kids remember us making them feel extra special on their birthdays + holidays. My parents always went above and beyond + though some may think it's overkill, I believe it shaped me into a celebrator of life! A celebrator of big things + small things, things for myself and things for others! I'll never forget coming home to homemade Rice Krispies Treats because it was May 1st, HAPPY MAY DAY! Thanks mama! I hope we can instill that in our kiddos too :) 
^^^May have been checking my settings here when I accidentally snapped this sweet blurry picture of her opening the rapunzel barbie.... favorite gift, can you tell?
^^^this is my niece whistling... it's seriously the best.