Hot Air Balloon Lift! Is this becoming an annual thing?!

Haaaaappy Monday! Finally got around to somewhat narrowing photos from our time at the Hot Air Balloon Lift! There really is something soooooo magical about hot air balloons. This was a step up for sure from the 7 balloons we saw lift last year HERE, and we will absolutely go again! This only committed me MORE to the International Balloon Festival! Maybe next year?! 
We woke early, loaded the kids in their jammies and enjoyed coffee + donuts on the grass. The day gave us a gorgeous sunrise + I still can't get over the Mountains in the Springs. Pikes Peak is IT. 
I hope you have a great start to your week + are safe + at peace wherever you are! XOXO
^^^sweet little donut eater
^^^such a stinker. i love him.
^^^FRAMER, and about that a little group hug.
^^^I love watching Chris be a Dad. 
^^^What will we even do when Abel is too big to do this?!