Lucy's Birthday Morning!

We had panCAKES for breakfast + celebrated this little sweetie the best we know how, with love + flowers + food! Chris and I stayed up entirely too late the night before building this little neighborhood for her gift + it was a sweet sweet morning. 
Thankful that God orchestrates life so perfectly. Yesterday was also Abel's first day of school. I've cried actual tears (not in front of him) over its approach since January when we signed up, and he had been very apprehensive the past few weeks about it. The fact that the first day was on Lucy's birthday makes so much sense to me. I wasn't able to spend the morning anxiously thinking about it, and we honestly didn't put too much focus on it, as not to stir up his mixed (or not so mixed- mostly not thrilled) emotions about it. So an hour before it was time to go, he let me know he changed his mind and was excited about school + was ready to go. He picked his own clothes + we were on our way. Drop off went seamlessly + he came home having loved it. All of this, and I got some special time with Lucy on her birthday while he was gone and Isla slept. Thank you Jesus for your loving care + precision. 
Sweetest little gift for our girl. All the pretend play that will happen here makes me so happy.
And Abel's first day of school pictures below!