A Very Happy Party in the Park!

I will start by sharing a personal record, and that is me posting this the day it happened... say what?! For reals had a post scheduled for today, knowing ahead of time that there was no way I'd have put together this post yet, but look at me go :) 
We had a little birthday gathering with family for Isla + her cousin Mila at the park, and it was perfectly sweet. Why we don't do every birthday party this way is my thought. Simple, sweet, + easy clean up... note to self. We ate, the kids played, and all at my very favorite park here in town. It's the same park where we had Abel's 1/2 birthday at (HERE), also Lucy's 1st Birthday (HERE), and it's the very same park where the sneaky squirrel ate our muffins (HERE). 
It was a happy happy day + Isla proved to be my favorite baby some more :)
^^^How sweet is Mila, and my beautiful sister. SO special raising kids with your sisters. 
^^^Happy Birthday Isla Girl, you are so special.