park days + making friends + the squirrel...

i mean... who wants to grow up and be lucy?! 
hands raised high right here.
she's as precious + carefree as they come, 
and 100% butter + syrup worthy.
last week(ish), we had a play date with friends at the park. abel talked about "wandon" and how he is his best friend + how excited he was to play with him for the entire week leading up to said playdate, and lucy has told me every time since, if the park is mentioned, that she wants to go with "mine friend, josie, to pay." SO cute seeing them make little friends. making friends can be hard as an adult i tell ya! so many guards up + too much over thinking, not to mention life is full + free time is a thing of the past for me personally, so it hasn't fit in my calendar in about three years to get out there and organically make new friends! i have friends, the very best friends that you could ask for, and sadly they live spread out across the globe... we are talking THAILAND + pretty soon spain, and california + north carolina, indiana, florida, colorado, you name it. it's a serious bummer, and i wish that teleportation and underground tunnels and all your friends being your neighbors was a thing. thankfully, these friendships stand the test of distance + time between talking... and picking up where you left off? well that IS a real thing. in the meantime, i am so grateful for chris, and that i have two sisters who are my very best friends, for friends not so far away, and for my children's perspective of friendship... one play date, a squirrel eats your muffins, best friends for life. 

you're like, squirrel??...
at this cute little playdate, we were all playing in the sandpit, when the kids decided they were ready for the muffins i had brought with us. we gathered our things + started heading towards our table + i saw a squirrel near or possibly in our muffin basket. i wasn't 100% sure, but as we approached, he jumped down + ran off with a pink cupcake liner hanging from his mouth. he climbed a tree + proceeded to fill his belly with one of our delicious 5 ingredient, peanut butter + banana muffins. i'm typically all for sharing, but we were forced to dump the rest, because squirrels + diseases and what not... both disappointing + hysterical all in one, and abel + lucy have had me tell the story to anyone who would listen ever since. so now you know :)

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