34 (& a half) W E E K S

where has this pregnancy gone?!
I love you sweet girl, I can't wait to meet you + call you by name! your siblings are ecstatic for you + tell me everyday that they love you + want you to come out. we are ready for our world to be changed again + for tiny baby parts + all of lucys left over clothes + blankets to be lived in and loved on once more. 
the doctor told me to start counting your kicks, but that would have me constantly counting because you're always rolling around in there, and I adore it, you are so cute! do you look like your brother or sister? do you have hair? is it cottontop? will you be as funny as Lucy or as gentle as Abel? 5.5 more weeks left to wonder + dream of your spirit. God is SO good to us, He knows all of these answers + more. He's made you for us + we will raise you for Him. I love you so much, counting the days until you're in my arms!

*photo from about a week ago at 33.5 weeks* 

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